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Database Tips

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This page is for posting tips related to using or adminstering databases.

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Ebsco Databases:


The SUNYConnect project will be providing a large number of Ebsco databases to its member libraries starting in July. This will include CINAHL Plus-Full-Text and Pre-CINAHL. Some of us wanted a way to search both of them at the same time by clicking on a URL. I figured out how to do this by creating the following URL:


This results in a search page opening up where both CINAHL PlusFullText (rzh) and Pre-CINAHL are preselected to be searched together.

I simply used the parameter defaultdb and set it equal to rzh,cih.  The short names of databases can be found at:

Details on creating links to databases can be found at:




One caution is doing this type of thing, your database interface will use the lowest common denominator. In this case special features on various tabs of CINAHL are lost because Pre-CINAHL is very basic with no indexing.


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