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This wiki is a place for all SUNY libraries to look to see how their colleagues in SUNY are using blogs, RSS, Instant Messaging, wikis, tags,Twitter and other technologies to enhance their interaction with their patrons. The list would be a place to learn the following:



We welcome all SUNY librarians using these technologies to add/edit their entries with feedback on how well the technology works for them, what problems were encountered and what solutions (if any) were able to overcome problems.


This wiki would be a great resource for any SUNY libraries who have not yet used any of these newer tools, or those who would like to see some examples of how it is done, how it is working before they take the plunge into blogging, rss, etc.

Get started on the New Tech Wiki by looking at the list of all pages that have been created by your SUNY colleagues.

Dare we say this is all about Library 2.0?


How do I Wiki?

PBwiki's WikiStyle and Advanced Wiki Style have lots of documentation about how to use PBwiki and wiki's in general. If you haven't added to or edited a wiki yet, take a look. It's easy.

Initiated by Peter Barvoets with the assistance of the SUNYLA Information Technology Committee. - June, 2006


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