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Library 2.0 -- Technologies and Resources



Web 2.0 Resources


  • eConsultant: Web 2.0 Directory - It appears not to have been updated in nearly a year, and is (hopefully) the only inclusion on this list that's not up-to-date. But because eConsultant's massive list is categorized so well, it is still very helpful.
  • NEOBinaries - These guys keep a large, categorized list of web 2.0 sites on hand, updated Monday - Friday.
  • BuzzShout - BuzzShout is similar to NEOBinaries -- a big list of web 2.0 companies that you can rate and review. Nicely categorized.
  • Go2Web2.0 - A really great flash-based list organized by tags, and a displayed using a dizzying array of logos. Clicking on a logo brings up a concise overview of that company or application.
  • All Things Web 2.0 - This is where Christian Mayaud's Sacred Cow Dung list ended up. It's mostly up-to-date and obsessively categorized.
  • Web2.0List - Categorized by tags, Web2.0List is just what it sounds like.
  • Web2.0Logo - A sister site to Web2.0List, but this time with an emphasis on logos.
  • Dexly - Dexly tracks over 3,000 web 2.0 companies in 53 categories, including blogs that write about web 2.0 (like this one).
  • SimpleSpark - SimpleSpark lists web applications and is adding apps at a frenetic pace. They launched in May and earlier this month crossed the 3,000 applications mark.
  • FeedMyApp - The new kid on the block, FeedMyApp launched just this month but already lists 299 apps in 36 categories.
  • HappyCodr - HappyCodr is a list of Ruby on Rails-powered web sites. It's not strictly about web 2.0, but given web 2.0's infatuation with Rails you'll find a lot of neat web apps and social sites on the list (mixed in with the occasional content site backed by a Rails-based CMS).
  • Startup Search - Startup Search takes a different approach than the other lists in this round up, focusing on the people and funding behind web 2.0 companies rather than on the products.
  • Museum of Modern Betas - MoMB is a great daily blog by Saurier Duval about all things beta.
  • eHub - Emily Chang's eHub is another must read daily blog covering new web 2.0 sites.
  • Everything 2.0 - Bob Stumpel's link blog is yet another great daily look at new web 2.0 companies.
  • TechCrunch Company Index - Speaking of great blogs, our friends over at TechCrunch review a lot of web 2.0 companies. Luckily for us, they tag each one and arrange all the tags into a helpful company index.
  • Listio's Everything Web 2.0 Directory - Listio's directory lets anyone submit new web 2.0 sites and then vote on them digg-style. Browsable by tags.
  • KillerStartups - Another digg-style community directory of web 2.0, organized by categories.
  • Progammable Web's Mashup Directory - While this isn't a general web 2.0 directory, many things we call mashups fall under the 2.0 umbrella, so this is a great resource for web 2.0 watchers nonetheless.
  • Webware's Top 100 - The recently completed Top 100 competition from CNet's Webware blog isn't the most comprehensive list, nor the most scientific way to find the top web apps, but even so, it's a list of 100 apps that any web 2.0 fan will want to be aware of.
  • SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards - The 2007 edition of SEOmoz's awards lists over 200 web 2.0 sites in 41 categories.




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