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Neat and Different Uses of new Technologies

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Some of the more interesting...



This list will grow... please add to it if you find a new and useful application of technology to a library's website.


A Tag Cloud OPAC:

An example of a tag cloud opac, as noted in The Shifted librarian

"Using their Horizon database (the 'subject' table in particular) to generate a real page based on subject keywords with more than 10 bibs results in this tag cloud opac".



Library Podcasting:

Just a few examples...

A new way to tour the library webpages...

Southern Oregon University Hannon Library's Podcast

The first in a series of podcasts describing the features of the Hannon Library web site of Southern Oregon University. The listener is directed to

http://www.sou.edu/library/ to view while listening to the podcast.


Current library events podcasts...

Mann Library Podcast Directory

Mann Library, Cornell University

Mann Library's Podcasts. Audio and video files of events held each semester at Mann. Download audio or video files of specific events, or subscribe to the Podcast and automatically receive new files when they are loaded to the site. Podcasts include Video Book Talks, Audio Book Talks, and Events a la Carte -via menu.


Initiated by Peter Barvoets with the assistance of the SUNYLA Information Technology Committee. - June, 2006








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