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SUNY Libraries using wikis

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SUNY Libraries using Wikis

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Are you using a wiki in your library? Can we look at it? What software are you using? What are you doing with it?


Empire State College

Password access only and for internal use only by the librarians. We use the free PBWiki as a platform for collaborative projects. For example, we maintain our subject guide content collaboratively using this platform (so we can comment and suggest resources for each of our assigned subjects) and keep track of edits and suggestions for edits to them. We also maintain a list of links to library marketing resources and articles on here. So far, there hasn't been full staff buy-in in using this on a regular basis, but it's coming along slowly.


SUNY Potsdam

Password access only. Installed and managed by campus IT, hosted on dedicated campus wiki server, using MediaWiki. Currently used for collaborative work in committees and working groups. Also, other campus departments have wiki instances on the same server, also password protected.


Stony Brook University, Health Sciences Library

Must log in to make changes--it's HSL staff only so please don't log in, but feel free to look around, and contact me w/any questions or comments. Installed by library systems, managed by library online resources group, hosted on library server. Wiki client: Twiki.

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